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The shipping charge will not appear on your order until we begin to process it. All Shipping will say Unavailable . You can check your order later to find out the shipping, however you can refer to the shipping chart on the checkout page.  Please remember, if you order a large or heavy item that is marked with an " *  " followed by a letter, these items carry an additional, higher shipping charge.

Most US shipments are sent by Priority Mail, but UPS is an option. Hawaii and Canada are sent by Priority Mail.

We do not ship outside of the USA with the exception of Canada.

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Category Category
Beds and Bedding
Sub Sub Categories
Cedar or Foam Filled Beds Cedar or Foam Filled Beds
Filled Beds, Cedar and or Foam
Crate Mats - Nylon Crate Mats - Nylon
Crate Pads - Dbl Sherpa Crate Pads - Dbl  Sherpa
Brute Pads - Double sided Sherpa in Yellow and Colors
Crate Pads/Beds - Sherpa Crate Pads/Beds - Sherpa
Crate Mats and Beds Fleece Covers. Totally washable and dryer safe-- Sherpa bedding
Donut Style Round Beds Donut Style Round Beds
Round, washable, many fur beds, as well as cotton and sheepskin style
Heated Beds, Pads Heated Beds, Pads
Heated Beds, Pads
Lectro Kennels Lectro Kennels
Solid Heating Pads for whelping, outside kennels etc
Orthopedic Mats/Beds Orthopedic Mats/Beds
Zip off washable covers - Egg style Ortho Mats
Housebreaking Pads, Dog Beds, Crate Pads
PVC Pipe Dream Beds - A number of sizes to choose from. There is really no choice in colors as we never know what is coming in stock
Quiet Time Beds MW Quiet Time Beds MW
Slumber Beds by MW
Quilt Beds,Throws Quilt Beds,Throws
Quilted material, washable, soft, fluffy bed, cover.
Snap Beds Soft Foam Beds Snap Beds Soft Foam Beds
Totally Washable, super nice bed. Blue, Green or Red
Category Category Items
Description Item # Price/ea.
Safari Slumber Oval Mat 16x20
Safari Slumber Oval Mat 16x20
Safari Print.
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C82 $19.95
Paw Bed  21x21"
Paw Bed 21x21"
MidWest Paw Bed- Removable/Reversable Middle cushion. Machine washable /dryable Mocha/Brown only color
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MW40270 $29.99
Pet Bed Pods by Quiet Time
Pet Bed Pods by Quiet Time
The new U Design Pods from Midwest Metal. Three sizes Durable Mocha Colored Plastic Pod
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MW407-PDM $0.00
Pet Dream Pillows- Small
Pet Dream Pillows- Small
If you can’t sleep comfortably without a pillow, why should your pet! Discontinued but 3 left in stock
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PP80000 $3.99
Hideway Cat Bed
Hideway Cat Bed
Made in the USA !!! Overall 16x16"- Cushion is 14"x 14" - Front to back is 16". Assorted colors/designs.
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R222 $29.00
Snoozer Odor Adios Pads
Snoozer Odor Adios Pads
Order one for your older pet beds. Each reusable pact is active for up to 10 washings.
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S11000 $8.79
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