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Latex Soccer Balls
Latex Soccer Balls
Small Soccer Ball (like the old Cocker Balls ) but with Pebbled texture 2"
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Booda Silky Plush Large Toys
Booda Silky Plush Large Toys
Made with the great silky, soft material.
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Ground Covers for Xpens
Ground Covers for Xpens
Ground Covers
Could be solid or print fabrics. Mostly Earthtones
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Buckets .05 oz Half Pint
Buckets .05 oz Half Pint
Really tiny, and cute for the toy breeds or cats!!!! Round Stainless Steel. Not available in Flat Sided
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Fleece Flatties Plush Toy 9in.
Fleece Flatties Plush Toy 9in.
Soft toy with Squeaks - No Stuffing! Camel, Elephant, Dog. Ideal for stuffing pullers!!
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Peek'n Paw Cat Toy
Peek'n Paw Cat Toy
Plastic toys with all kinds on holes -Ball with bell hanging from inside to play thru the holes with.
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Ravens NFL Purple Dog Jerseys
Ravens NFL Purple Dog Jerseys
Put you buddy into his or her own Baltimore Ravens Jersey for home games.
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ZENDOG Compression Shirts
ZENDOG Compression Shirts
Adjustable fit shirt is machine washable. Helps soothe dog's anxiety caused from storms, noise, crating, travel, separation, and other stress It is lightweight and breathable. It's 4-way stretch fabric applies gentle pressure to swaddle pet
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Power Paw Socks
Power Paw Socks
Power Paws dog socks are made for comfort. Power Paws are light and breathable. They are made of elastic and cotton for comfort and fit, they are machine washable, and they conform to the dog’s foot.
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Antiparasitic,Antiseborrheic Shampoo 17oz
Antiparasitic,Antiseborrheic Shampoo 17oz
Treats skin scaling caused by Seborrhea. Helps relieve Mange & other parasitic infections Available in 2 sizes
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Dryer Andis Comfort Dry
Dryer Andis Comfort Dry
Stand adjust 5 positions, Cool Setting, used with or without stand
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Ultra White Shampoo 16 oz.
Ultra White Shampoo 16 oz.
Safe to use weekly. For light stains.
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Beagle socks
Beagle socks
Lightweight Stretch Cotton Crew 9-11
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Collars - Nylon Buckle Flat 1 in. Double Hvy
Collars - Nylon Buckle Flat 1 in. Double Hvy
18-26" This double ply 1" nylon web series is our deluxe style for large dogs. 28" is Discontinued
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Category Category List
All natural blends that can reduce stress
Bathing Supplies
Equipment and supplies needed for bathing.
Beds and Bedding
Beds, Blankets, Crate Pads & Mats, Heated Beds
Cedar or Foam Filled Beds    Crate Mats - Nylon    Crate Pads - Dbl Sherpa    Crate Pads/Beds - Sherpa    Donut Style Round Beds    Heated Beds, Pads    Lectro Kennels    Orthopedic Mats/Beds    POOCH PAD BEDDING    PVC PIPE BEDS    Quiet Time Beds MW    Quilt Beds,Throws    Snap Beds Soft Foam Beds   
Bones , Rawhide Chews
Natural and smoked bones, regular and pressed rawhide, chips, nylabones, etc.
Bully Sticks    Dental Chew Products    Natural Chew Products    Nylabone,GumaBone Product    Rawhide Chews   
We are in process of discontinuing all books in the library
Books Other and Misc    Breed Books    Cat Books    Medical and Whelping Bks    Show Related    Training & Obedience    Used/ Old & Vintage Books   
Cat, Kitty Korner
Cat Cleaning/Odor Control    Cat Collars/ Leads    Cat Control System    Cat Dental Care    Cat Dishes    Cat Doors    Cat Food    Cat Furniture and Hideaways    Cat Furniture Custom     Cat Grooming    Cat Pens and Homes    Cat Toys    Cat Treats    Cat Vitamins, Formula,Fiber Treat    Cat, Kitty Beds    Litter Pans + Accessories   
Holiday Items will be usually available Sept or Oct.
Dangling Legs Ornaments    Dog House Ornaments    Nutcraker Soldier Ornaments    Santa Little Pal Ornaments   
Items Discontinued
Other Items that may be nice, and extras for crates and X-Pens
AIRLINE PLASTIC CRATES    COLOSSAL CRATE    Crate Dividers    CRATES, SUITCASE FOLDING    EXERCISE PENS    FERRET PLAY PENS    Pans, Plastic Replacement    PUPPY PLAY PENS     SOFT SIDED CRATES    Soft Sided Pet Carriers    VEHICLE BARRIERS    Wire Crate Floors- MW    X-Pen Supplies   
Dental and Oral Care
Toothbrushes, toothpaste, breath fresheners.
Dishes, Bowls, Buckets
Dishes, bowls, crocks, pails, diners and Crate Coop Cups
Buckets S/S Pails    Crate Pans/Coop Cups    Diners- Raised    Double Diner Dishes    Heated Dishes    Water Bottles   
Dog and Cat Doors Staywell Animate PetSafe
Dog Clothing -OuterWear
PJs, boots, bitches britches, diapers, raingear. Backpacks
Baltimore Orioles Gear    Bitches Britches, Diapers    Coats    Dog Boots    EAGLES WEAR    Male Doggie Wraps    Pajamas    RAVENS WEAR    Sweaters   
Dog Food Dry and Canned
We carry Verus,and Precise Foods
Merrick Dog Foods    Treats, Snacks, Ring Bait    Verus Canned Foods    Verus Dry Dog Food   
Dog Houses
Animal Dryers
Ear Care
Powders, cleaners, washes.
Eye Care
Washes, stain removers and cleaners.
Flea Control Products
Flea control for the animal and the environment.
Pressure Gates, Walk Thru Gates, Metal and Wood
Gift Section
Lots of nice Gift Ideas for the Parents of the Dogs and Kitties that we know!
Breed Socks - Wheel House     Breed Socks- For Bare Feet    Candle Toppers    Candles    Chris Lewis Brown Art    CoasterStone Breed Coasters    Collector's Plates - Cats     Collector's Plates - Dogs    Collector's Plates - Horses    Collector's Plates - Others    Flags    FLOWER POTS    Gold Tree Ornaments    Note Cards and Paper    Picture Frames    Statues    Suncatchers    Sweat Shirts KaLor    Tea Cup Breed Ornaments    Tee Shirts & or Sweatshirts   
Professional Grooming Supplies
Aprons and Smocks    Brushes    Clippers, Grooming    Colognes     Combs    Grooming Tables and Accessories    Other Grooming Items    Powder and Chalking Items    Scissors/Thinners    Stripping Tools   
Health and Nutrition
Leads and Collars
Leads & Collars
Chain Collars    Fancy Buckle Collars    Flexi Leads    Grooming Loops    Kennel Leads    LEATHER PRODUCTS    Martingale Nylon Leads    Mendota Leads    Nylon Brace Leads/Coupler    Nylon Buckle Collars    Nylon Chokes & Snapchoke     Resco Flat Nylon Products    Resco Show Leads-CoroHyde    Show Leads Nylon    Simplicity Nylon Show     Snap Buckle Nylon Collars    Snap Leads - Nylon    SoftLine Leads    Toy Show Leads    Training Leads/Collars    ULTRA BRAID NYLON PRODUCT   
All the products we carry listed by manufacturer
Bio-Groom    Coat Handler Products    Crown Royale Products     K&H Products    Kong Toys    Mendota Products    MidWest Products    NaturVet Products    Nilodor Products    Outward Hound /Kyjen Prod    Pro-Line Products    RETRIEVE HEALTH    Ring 5/ Vo-Toys    Sam's Dog Hut    Soft Lines    SynergyLabs    Thomas Labs    Tomlyn     Vet's Best     Winner's Circle Products   
Holistic Medication Topical Produtsc
Wormers for Dogs and Cats   
Nail Care
Clippers, grinders, clotting agents.
New Items
Obedience and Training
Obedience & Training
No Bark Products   
Odor Control Products
Trail, Odormute, Nilodor, Simple Solution, Pooper Scoopers, Doggie Dooleys
Disinfectant Products    Fan Filters    Poop PicUpTools    Stain and Odor Cleaning    
Memory Stones are a lasting way to celebrate your pets. Small stone and Large stone
Pet Ramps and Stairs
Ramps and or Stairs for Dogs and Cats
Products for Senior Animals
All types of shampoos and conditioners
Conditioners and Rinses    Conditioning Sprays    Flea Shampoos    Shampoos    Spray,Texturizer, Misc   
Show Accessories
Bait bags, show leads, sunscreens, space blankets.
STAYWELL Doors Dog/Cat
The world's larget selling pet doors. Can be easily installed with common household tools
Cable Tie outs, Aerial and Chain Tie out, as well as Ground Stakes
Toys, Latex, Plush
Latex Toys    Other Toys    Plush Toys    Rubber and or Hard Plastic     Throw/Tug Toys    Vinyl Toys   
Travel Needs
Pet carriers, gear bags, backpacks, portable bowls and more!
Vitamins and Supplements
Whelping Helpers
Ideal to have on hand for litters.
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